Electoral District Association
Notice of Annual General Meeting

Date: Wednesday June 26, 2024
Time: 6pm Registration 630om Call to Order

Location: Maedel Community Centre 25 Gosfield Townline West Essex ON

**Please note, in order to be eligible to stand for election, or to vote at the AGM, you must be an active member as of June 5, 2024.

AGM Agenda

1. Report by the President on behalf of the Board of Directors
2. Presentation of Financial Statements / Appointment of Auditor
3. Code of Conduct
4. Election of Directors
5. New Business
6. Presentation of Election Readiness Plan
7. Presentation from Southwestern Regional Organizer
8. Presentation of MP Report
9. Adjournment

Board of Directors Meeting will follow the AGM
(elected board members only)

1. Election of the Executive Board
2. Appointment of Committee Chairs
3. Adjournment
For more information, please contact EDA Secretary Richard