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Shadow Minister Of Labour

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Chris Lewis, MP


Shadow Minister of Labour, Conservative Party of Canada
Member of CAAM (Economic Relationship between Canada & the USA
Past Member Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights
Past Chair, Auto Caucus

Chris Lewis, elected as the Member of Parliament for Essex in 2019, brings a wealth of community service and dedication to his role.

He has deep roots in Essex, having served as a firefighter, chaired the Master Fire Planning Committee, and been actively involved in local government and numerous committees.

Chris is also committed to philanthropy, supporting various organizations and fundraising efforts across Essex County.

With a passion for sports and community development, he has coached hockey teams and played a key role in bringing Kraft Hockeyville to Kingsville in 2008.

Chris's ethos centers on leaving a positive legacy for future generations, driven by his strong work ethic and compassion for others.

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As one of Canada's most southerly municipalities, Essex enjoys hot summers and mild winters. Our rich agricultural lands are some of the most productive in the province and our numerous wineries have a well-deserved national reputation. Housing prices are amongst the lowest in Canada and our well-tended urban areas, prosperous farm community and locational advantages are major attractions to new residents. In 2012, the Town was named one of the safest places to live in Canada.

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